"I want to go out! I want to go! "

"Hiroshima dream Plaza "offers the full of interesting information about the cities and towns in Hiroshima. It has the greater advantage of getting the information of every season and specialty products of cities and towns at the plaza. Our goal is to make everyone enjoy and access conveniently and say "Ee jyan!" meaning "It's great!". We always keep by the motto of "kindness", "politeness" and "honesty" in our mind. We hope your visit will make you feel a lot more close to your hometown. Please visit us anytime at "Hiroshima Dream Plaza".

Part 1 [Shop Event Section]

Daily Event!

■ l Exhibition and sales event space for specialty products of the cities and towns of Hiroshima.

■ l Entertainment will change every two weeks.

Part 2 [Specialty Products Sale Booth Section]

Tour of Specialty Hiroshima Products!

■ l Be able to purchase specialty products and the gems of each cities and towns.

■ l Be able to feel Hiroshima through this one section.

Part 3 [Event Booth (A ~ D)]

Exhibition and limited time offer of popular products!

■ l Event booth section facing towards the shopping street.

■ l Popular section always a crowd of people.

■ l Expect lines for popular products.

Part 4 [Hiroshima Souvenir Section]

Highly selected items to souvenirs!

■ l Collection of perfect products to souvenirs of Hiroshima.

■ l Many exclusive gems will be there. If you are looking for souvenirs, this is a must-see section.

Part 5 [Regional Information And Event Information Booth]

Full of information of each cities and towns of Hiroshima!

■ Many tour brochures and event information of each cities and towns are available.

■ l Feel free to take any brochures and other information.

Part 6 [Various General Information Booth]

General information counter of the cities and towns!

Provides various ticket sales of tourism and events.

Shop Profile

Name:Hiroshima Dream Plaza

Place:8-28 Hondori Naka-ku Hiroshim-city Hiroshima

Since:March 30th 1999


Installation personnel:Hiroshima municipal Association of Promotion (Public interest incorporated foundation)

Management and operation:Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation

Phone:082-544-1122 / FAX:082-544-2370